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Cedar Rock Pepper creates specialty culinary products guaranteed to please your taste buds and your soul.

Our ingredients are all pure and natural. We believe that pepper is one of nature's greatest gifts and its use in our food has dramatically changed our approach to cooking. Check out our history on black pepper.

Cedar Rock Pepper is like no other pepper you have tasted. You won't find our gourmet peppers at the grocery store. Our unique one of a kind peppers are sold individually, in gift sacks or gift baskets here on our site. Cedar Rock Pepper is the perfect blend of black pepper, herbs or spices for all your culinary needs, and they add sensual flavor to any dish. Check back with us for our latest culinary ideas, recipes and our future cookbook.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality line of blended black pepper and herb products. The world needs more pepper and Cedar Rock Pepper has just begun.

Hold the salt ... until you've tasted our pepper!

You Can Reach Us:

Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM


Whether you are enjoying grilled trout filets, garden salads or sushi, nothing brings out the added flavor better than Cedar Rock Pepper.

Hold the salt until you've tasted our pepper!

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