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Black Pepper, a beautifully aromatic and pungent spice, was once so valued that the search for new pepper trade routes led to the 15th century Age of Exploration and spurred the accidental investigation of the new world.

Black pepper is a native to India's Malabar Coast. For more than 2,000 years, pepper has been grown in Malaysia and Indonesia. In the last decades of the 20th century, pepper production increased dramatically as new plantations were founded in Thailand, Vietnam, China, and Sri Lanka. Brazil has also become an important producer.

The rich and earthy Black Pepper we enjoy so much is the sun-dried version of unripe green peppercorns. White Peppercorns are ripened and hulled versions of the same fruit. Tellicherry and the Lampong are considered the best varieties of black pepper.

Black pepper remains the most widely consumed pepper. Like salt, it has the added benefit of enhancing other flavors in a dish, even sweets. We know someone who even uses black pepper on apples!

Hold the salt ... until you've tasted our pepper!


Whether you are enjoying grilled trout filets, garden salads or sushi, nothing brings out the added flavor better than Cedar Rock Pepper.

Hold the salt until you've tasted our pepper!

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