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Use Cumin Pepper to flavor your gourmet meals

Cumin Pepper $8.99

Item #1012

Cumin Pepper brings warm smoky aroma and flavor to your world. Roasted or barbequed chicken has never tasted better. Try using Cumin Pepper on vegetables and seafood.


Curry Pepper $8.99

Item #1008

Beautiful exotic Curry Pepper combines well with garlic, ginger, chiles and fresh cilantro. Our Curry Pepper mixed with mayonnaise and fresh lemon juice makes a perfect dip for artichokes.


Dill Pepper $8.99

Item #1009

Versatile Dill Pepper is a natural accompaniment to seafood. Dill has been used since ancient times for both its magical powers and its medicinal properties.


Fire in the Attic $8.99

Item #1010

There is only one Fire In the Attic Pepper and it is guaranteed to jump start your day. Try it on popcorn, mashed potatoes or scrambled eggs. Life is better with Fire In The Attic Pepper.

Ginger Pepper $8.99

Item #1001

Try boneless chicken breasts with a sprinkle of soy sauce and Ginger Pepper. Then bake or broil. Or try a little Ginger Pepper hand-rubbed on steamed broccoli.


Lavender Pepper $8.99

Item #1002

Next time you make lamb chops, try marinating the chops in Worcestershire sauce and Lavender Pepper. Then grill. Or sprinkle a pinch of Lavender Pepper over rich vanilla ice cream with slivers of mango or papaya for a heavenly dessert.


Mint Pepper $8.99

Item #1011

Our Mint Pepper blends harmoniously with tomatoes, cucumbers, lamb and melons. It has a wonderful subtle flavor and can be used imaginatively.

Oregano Pepper $8.99

Item #1003

This lovely pepper goes well on top of fish, shellfish, or chicken. It is also perfect in salad dressings or tomato sauces. Try our Oregano Pepper on any favorite pasta dish.


Rosemary Pepper $8.99

Item #1004

Have you ever tried a baby rack of lamb slathered in mustard and rosemary pepper? YUM! Try grilling fresh tomatoes with Rosemary Pepper on them.


Sage Pepper $8.99

Item #1005

Sage Pepper blends beautifully with any poultry dish. Sprinkle it on a duck breast for extra flavor. Mix a little softened cream cheese with Maytag blue cheese; add a little cream and put dollops on endive with a slice of mango or orange.

Two Pepper Pack: $18 (choose your peppers)

Item #1007

Can't decide on a flavor? No need to with this Two Pepper Pack. Choose your favorite two peppers tucked inside a see-through satin sack.

Great as a gift too!


Three Pepper Basket: $39.00 (choose your peppers)

Item #1006

Choose your own peppers for the perfect gift basket adorned with seasonal ribbons. Included is our multi-purpose Rosemary Pepper and two additonal pepper flavors of your choice.

It's the gift that makes sense for all food lovers.






Whether you are enjoying grilled trout filets, garden salads or sushi, nothing brings out the added flavor better than Cedar Rock Pepper.

Hold the salt until you've tasted our pepper!

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